Dubai has the most generous, business-oriented residency regulations in the region. They demonstrate a commitment by the national leadership to its population, not just Emiratis, but to all those who make their home here and contribute towards the UAE's extraordinary story of growth and progress. In return, it is only natural that the country will receive greater commitment from its long-term foreign residents.

Dubai is an investors’ paradise and it delivers on the promises it makes. Dubai is renowned for its real estate, as real estate is the business that takes precedence over all other ventures. Despite the many ups and downs that the market has faced, Dubai continues to see an ever increasing roster of fantastic real estate projects that are reshaping the landscape of the city in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

• Clutter-free space engenders organised minds – We provide you with the space to live or run your business with the same doctrine. You can make good decisions when in a good ambience.

• Swift and professional service – If you are looking to buy, rent or sell a property in Dubai then get ready to experience our commendable services - all you need to do is to get in touch.

• Advance knowledge – We are a team that is comprised of extremely experienced individuals that are not only eager to assist but ready to go the extra mile to secure your investments and guarantee your returns. We do this by setting our standards high and then maintaining them.

• Commercial Properties – Our motto is "The buck stops here" as, based on the trust that clients show us, we are ready to bear the responsibility for you when you are looking to buy, sell or rent your residential or commercial property in Dubai. "Seven" real estate's got your back.

• Realty Exploration – Ask us anything about the real estate industry we are ready to answer your queries, allay your fears and explain the procedures, rules and realities of the business to make your experience a pleasant, stress-free and memorable one.

• Come for a consultation and we will listen to you and map out an investment plan to suit your budget. No matter how small your budget, feel free to contact us..

• State Legislation – We are going to save you valuable time, effort and money by making your EJARI and DEWA compliance a walk in the park.

We are not only driven by profit; your trust and confidence in us is vital. Integrity is our reputation in the market and your needs are our primary consideration, even before our profit. Our goal is to thrive on referrals and that comes by winning our clients' trust. We believe in explaining everything transparently so that both parties clearly and simply understand the terms of the contract.

Our highly experienced staff have their fingers on the pulse of the Dubai realty industry, registering the slightest change and acknowledging what Dubai Expo 2020 is going to add in the form of new standards in the real estate market. The anticipation of an inevitable price hike in property and rental markets is almost a given for the Expo 2020 and pre Expo 2020 period.

We want to raise awareness in the marketplace, to provide a discounting mechanism as a way of stimulating sales, as well as bringing developers under one roof such that buyers can compare prices and information. As a tool for raising awareness, it will be an effective platform.


We have served the Dubai realty industry with diligence and honesty for many years, where clients have witnessed our high ethical standards as we assist them to achieve their goals and become affluent home or business owners.

Raining offers!

We will make a detailled study based on your specific requirements and the market availability and with our accumulated expert experience and knowledge, introduce you to the best deals to match your requirements, should you agree to confer this honour on our services. We are the one of the top real estate companies distinguished by the way we give priority to our clients's best interests.

We always employ our best efforts to offer you major incentives and discounts and have noted that the Russian and south Asian components of our client base, in particular, have shown great interest in these offers. These can take the form of cost savings on the sales price, adjustment on payment modes or registration fee waivers. We offer copious amounts of information through our website, and suggest that you stay connected on a daily basis to check for the locations that have been updated .